Yes, I know, it’s the possibly boring, but obligatory About page that all good websites should have. But I hope to make it a painless read and as you will note from the infancy of the website, I’m in need of extra content.
FoF (Fact or fiction) cartoon, started many years ago in the dim dark recesses of my mind.  I’ve always loved drawing, having a laugh and enjoy improving my general knowledge (not necessarily with worldly things of great  importance as you will see).  After about 10 years of occasional reflection on the idea, I finally decided to put the procrastination to an end in early 2011.  It was then that I created the FoF cartoon, initially by putting pen to paper (literally – the good old fashioned way with quill and Indian ink).  But eventually, thanks to my tech savvy daughters’ inspiration, it evolved into 21st century electronic format and the website you are viewing today.  My weapons of choice are now a touchpen and iPad (which I have to pinch from my daughters when they’re not looking).
What I hope to achieve with this website is simple.  If I can coax a chuckle, draw out a wry smile or at the other extreme, a good hearty laugh that brings tears to your eyes, then I’ve achieved my mission.  After all, doesn’t the saying go “An chuckle a day keeps the doctor away”?
Marti (alias FoF)

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